One-on-One Coaching

F&I Sales and Compliance Training

We can help your business to develop an F&I sales process. We will help you figure out the best way to integrate a unique sales process into your dealership with this F&I service.

F&I Coach also offers effective F&I training for your employees. This training will provide them with general product, and compliance knowledge. An important part of sales training is making sure your associates can answer customer inquiries accurately.

Process Development

Our holistic approach that we apply with all of our F&I services carries through to our process development services. We know that to be effective, every member of your sales team should be involved. We’ll assist you in developing a customized and unique sales process which will include a deal structuring process, a T.O. to finance process, and an F&I process. Once your process has been developed, we’ll implement our one-on-one coaching philosophies to train your team members and help them get the most out of each and every deal. Our sales process development is an essential part of this F&I service that will include techniques to assist you and your staff in developing various processes like web-based menu sales, electronic loan approval, performance tracking and analysis, compensation plans, and recruiting the most highly qualified F&I sales people. These processes will help your business grow and help your employees increase profits.

Web Based Menu System

A Web-Based menu system is a web-based program which will help to streamline the insurance sales-based workload.

Creating F&I Pay Plans

F&I Coach can help you organize F&I pay plans and decide how to share sales profits with the reselling dealership.

Compliance Coordination

F&I Compliance Training is also available as one of our F&I services. We will help make sure that your dealership and all of your F&I employees are properly licensed and meeting legal requirements. Compliance Training can help you follow the letter of the law.

Value Rich Products

An Overview of our F&I Products | F&I Services

F&I Coach offers various products which can help to optimize your dealership. These products include vehicle service agreements, guaranteed auto protection, environmental service agreements, tire & wheel protection, dent shield, security coding, PassKey (key replacement), tires for life, collateral protection insurance, accelerated equity payment programs, lease wear and tear, and roadside assistance. All of these products are very rich in value, and can help you to lessen dependence on profits from loan interest rates. For more information on any of these products, please visit our Products page.


We can help you easily create your own reinsurance company within your dealership. We offer Turn Key Design and Implementation of a Producer-Owned Reinsurance Company.

Sales Recruiting Training

This is one of the most important F&I services you will need, being able to identify qualified candidates for your team. Our available F&I sales recruiting training teaches human resource professionals the best ways to find and hire only the highest qualified F&I sales associates.

Performance Tracking

We offer F&I sales performance tracking and analysis. With this, we’ll help you to track what sales are being made, how they are being made, and where to make changes. It can help refine internal F&I sales training.

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