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F&I Coach offers a variety of F&I products such as passkey, paintless dent repair, and tires and wheels for life. We offer automotive reinsurance such as vehicle service agreements, etching, guaranteed auto protection, and environmental service agreements. All of these F&I products can help your dealership make more money.

Vehicle Service Agreements | F&I Products

Vehicle Service Agreements

Vehicle Service Agreements are automotive reinsurance which may or may not overlap a vehicle manufacturer’s warranty. This F&I product may also be used to supplement what the manufacturer’s warranties may not include. Services covered by it will bring customers back to your dealership’s service center whenever their vehicle needs maintenance, growing your revenue and loyal customer base. This F&I product can cover various types of unexpected damages to a car.

Guaranteed Auto Protection | F&I Products

Guaranteed Auto Protection

This F&I Product, Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) protects customers that owe money on a loan or lease and have totaled their vehicle. When a vehicle is totaled, the insurance company may value it as being worth less than the amount remaining on a customer’s loan or lease. If this occurs, the customer is responsible for paying off their loan or lease as well as the insurance deductible. This F&I product, GAP protection insurance will cover the remainder of a loan or lease. You can offer your customers peace of mind with a full settlement policy which would cover up to 150% of their vehicle’s retail value including their deductible. Offering this automotive reinsurance will give you better prospects of repeat sales and increase your customer loyalty.

Environmental Service Agreement | F&I Products

Environmental Service Agreement

Environmental Service Agreements are automotive reinsurance. They insure vehicles against a variety of environmental factors which may cause damage. Some of these deteriorating factors include ultra-violet rays, bird droppings, and acid rain. With this F&I product, your customers can rest assured that their vehicle will be protected, even against everyday elements. This type of F&I product can benefit your dealership; if your customer decides to trade-in their current vehicle for another one in the future, the car will likely be in better shape, and thus retain a higher resale value.

Tire & Wheel Protection | F&I Products

Tire & Wheel Protection

Tire and Wheel Protection is an F&I product that will help your customers protect their vehicle from unpredictable road hazards that can damage or destroy their tires and wheels. When tire and wheel damage is caused by unexpected road hazards such as potholes, nails, glass, customers are referred back to your dealership for repairs. This F&I product will help to secure your customer’s peace of mind and at the same time increase service department revenue.

Dent Shield | F&I Products

Dent Shield

Dent Shield is an F&I product that covers vehicles against dents virtually every one of your customers will experience at some point or another during ownership. There are various ways to repair minor dents and dings on a vehicle which will help customers maintain the “showroom-look” and protect their vehicle’s value in the long term. This F&I product helps safeguard customers from paying out-of-pocket and can increase service and body shop retention rates on the dealership end.

Etching | F&I Products


Have you ever heard of etching? Security coding is an F&I product that may also be referred to as “etching”. This process can reduced the threat of vehicle theft by 65%. Its done by having a vehicle’s VIN number etched right into the windows. Security Coding also increases the rate of finding your vehicle in the case that it is stolen. By offering this automotive reinsurance, you can provide your customers with the benefit of having out-of-pocket expenses associated with their vehicle being stolen. Security coding is an easy way to increase your dealership’s revenue. By encoding every vehicle in your inventory before it goes on your lot, it will make selling the security coding easier than if a customer would have to have it installed at a later date. If your customer’s vehicle is stolen, security coding will help to ensure customer retention when they’re looking for a new vehicle.

Passkey | F&I Products


PassKey Key Replacement Insurance will replace your customer’s vehicle key if it is ever lost or stolen. Losing a car key can be very stressful, especially if a customer only has one, or believes that it may have been stolen. Replacing car keys can also be very expensive depending on the embedded technology. This type of F&I product can help to relieve any worry your customers may have about the idea of losing their keys. When offering Key Replacement services, you can also offer perks like spare tire changes, battery jumps, and emergency fluid delivery as part of the package. All of these could be revenue sources for your business.

Tires for Life | F&I Products

Tires for Life

Tires for Life covers the cost of new tires when they need replacing, if the customer is sure to maintain them properly with routine maintenance from your dealership. As long as your customers make sure to have their tires balanced, rotated, and maintained regularly, this F&I product can save them hundreds of dollars, while generating valuable parts and service business for the dealer. This F&I product will not only create loyal customers who will continue to bring their cars in for scheduled maintenance but will also give you, the dealer, an edge over your competition.

Collateral Protection Insurance | F&I Products

Collateral Protection Insurance

Collateral Protection Insurance assures that your customer’s vehicle lender will be paid, even if they cannot afford a payment at that time. This F&I product can protect your customer’s credit and help to make sure that they can keep their vehicle. By offering this F&I product, customers will likely keep coming back to you for future vehicle purchases knowing that their finances and credit will be protected through your dealership.

Accelerated Equity Payment Programs | F&I Products

Accelerated Equity Payment Programs

Accelerated Equity Payment Programs provides your customers with the option to set up biweekly electronic payments toward their vehicle lease or loan. This F&I product is good for customers who may prefer or feel more comfortable with the idea of making two smaller payments per month as opposed to one large payment. This F&I Product can increase your sales by giving customers that may not be sure about affordability another payment option. This can often take pressure off of them, and make them more comfortable with purchasing a vehicle.

Lease Wear and Tear | F&I Products

Lease Wear and Tear

Lease Wear and Tear is an F&I product that can be highly appealing to any customer leasing their vehicle. Upon turning in the vehicle at the end of a lease, customers may be held accountable for any wear and tear which has occurred to the vehicle over the lease term. This F&I product will cover any of these costs which customers may face at the end of a lease. Customers will be more likely to lease a vehicle from you with this protection. This F&I product can provide you with peace of mind that if a vehicle you’ve leased comes back less than perfect, anything to bring it back up to your standards will be covered.

Roadside Assistance | F&I Products

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance will assure your customers that no matter where they are, someone will be able to help them if they experience car troubles. Customers will feel reassured with this F&I product. They will know they’re not going to end up stranded or having to leave their vehicle on the side of a road in the event that it breaks down. Roadside Assistance is a great automotive F&I product that will increase your dealership’s revenue. If a customer has a vehicle towed, it can be towed back to your dealership’s service department, and you can make a profit on any services that the vehicle may be in need of.

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