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At F&I Coach, we know that every dealer is looking for sustainable and measurable customer retention. In every instance, when a customer is making a decision on whether to be loyal to your business or not, it boils down to……Is this company making my life easier or harder?

The whole idea of a “Loyalty Program” is to encourage and reward customers for doing business with you. The easier you make it for them to earn rewards and the more desirable those rewards are, the more likely a customer will utilize your program by returning to your business.

So……how do you make your “Loyalty Program” meaningful….a program where the customer chooses your business every time.

F&I Coach has a program that can help you to do just that. Our revolutionary prepaid maintenance program will design a marketing strategy complete with an optional customer loyalty points program.

Target Customers Needing Service with our Prepaid Maintenance Program

Not only does this prepaid maintenance program steer customers back to your business, but it also allows you to track their usage and monthly results by integrating with your current DMS software. This integration features an easy-to-use interface which will allow your service writers and managers to look at target-specific reports and customer spending information.

Use our Prepaid Maintenance Program to Make More Money

This program is fully re-insurable, or can be used to generate additional cash flow for your dealership while increasing customer retention rates.

Our pre-paid maintenance program will create consistent revenue for your dealership through the service department, plus it will increase your options for making service customers into new car customers.
Every aspect of the pre-paid maintenance program is under your control – you decide what services to include, set your own reimbursement rate and brand the program for your specific dealership.

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